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-Have you ever been frustrated by hard-to-read song books, amateur tabs, and online misinformation?

-Do you struggle to “put songs together”, or maybe just feel that it takes too long to research and learn your favorite tunes?

-Want to quickly learn 10, 20, 30, or even 50 of the most rockin’ songs ever from the 1970s?

The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, you name it: The 1970s rocked. It was a magical time.That’s why I’m stoked to introduce…

The 1970s Guitar Song Collection

Let’s get to the point: Jon MacLennan (one of the best guitar teachers I’ve ever hired) has recorded a sweet collection of guitar lessons that shows how to play 50 of the best songs ever from the 1970s.

Jon is easy to learn from, easy to listen to, gives you the right stuff to play, and his teaching has been mega-effective with tons of students.

He gives you the easy step-by-step instructions and simple chord charts. You’re gonna love this 🙂


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About Jon MacLennan

Jon is one of the busiest studio musicians in Los Angeles. He’s done session work for Julian Lennon (of Beatles family fame), and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith). He has recorded with British pop-star Jamie Cullum on his Gold-winning album.

He also opened up for blues legend John Lee Hooker, performed live on the Disney Channel, and scored soundtracks for major motion pictures and television shows.

Learn Some Amazing Songs While Mastering The Guitar At The Same Time

In my experience, one of the best ways to get good on guitar is just learning a bunch of great songs. It builds your repertoire WHILE forcing you to master all the techniques that those tunes require. It’s a can’t-fail move.

But rather than getting bogged in figuring stuff out, it’s better if a great teacher just shows you exactly what you need to play. Makes progress a lot faster and more fun.

Enough yapping from me… Here’s the list of song lessons you’re gonna get:

SONG #1 - 25 Or 6 To 4 [ Chicago ]

SONG #2 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough [ Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell ]

SONG #3 - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone [ Bill Withers ]

SONG #4 - American Girl [ Tom Petty ]

SONG #5 - American Woman [ The Guess Who ]

SONG #6 - Another Brick In The Wall [ Pink Floyd ]

SONG #7 - Beast Of Burden [ The Rolling Stones ]

SONG #8 - Bennie And The Jets [ Elton John ]

SONG #9 - Blue Skies [ Willie Nelson ]

SONG #10 - Breakdown [ Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers ]

SONG #11 - Comfortably Numb [ Pink Floyd ]

SONG #12 - Don't Stop [ Fleetwood Mac ]

SONG #13 - Dust In The Wind [ Kansas ]

SONG #14 - Easy [ Commodores ]

SONG #15 - Feel Like Making Love [ Roberat Flack ]

SONG #16 - Give A Little Bit [ Supertramp ]

SONG #17 - Higher Ground [ Stevie Wonder ]

SONG #18 - Hotel California [ Eagles ]

SONG #19 - I Shot The Sheriff [ Eric Clapton ]

SONG #20 - I Will Survive [ Gloria Gaynor ]

SONG #21 - I Wish [ Stevie Wonder ]

SONG #22 - I'll Be There [ Gloria Gaynor ]

SONG #23 - Imagine [ John Lennon ]

SONG #24 - The Immigrant Song [ Led Zeppelin ]

SONG #25 - It's Too Late [ Carole King ]

SONG #26 - Jealous Guy [ John Lennon ]

SONG #27 - Just The Way You Are [ Billy Joel ]

SONG #28 - Killing Me Softly [ Roberta Flack ]

SONG #29 - Layla [ Eric Clapton ]

SONG #30 - Lean On Me [ Bill Withers ]

SONG #31 - Let Em' In [ Paul McCartney ]

SONG #32 - Let It Be [ The Beatles ]

SONG #33 - Let's Get It On [ Marvin Gaye ]

SONG #34 - Let's Stay Together [ Al Green ]

SONG #35 - Lovely Day [ Bill Withers ]

SONG #36 - Me And Bobby McGee [ Janis Joplin ]

SONG #37 - Message In A Bottle [ The Police ]

SONG #38 - Miss You [ The Rolling Stones ]

SONG #39 - Moondance [ Van Morrison ]

SONG #40 - Oye Como Va [ Santana ]

SONG #41 - Refugee [ Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers ]

SONG #42 - Roxanne [ The Police ]

SONG #43 - Superstition [ Stevie Wonder ]

SONG #44 - Since I've Been Loving You [ Led Zeppelin ]

SONG #45 - Take It To The Limit [ Eagles ]

SONG #46 - What's Going On [ Marvin Gaye ]

SONG #47 - Wild Horses [ The Rolling Stones ]

SONG #48 - Wonderful Tonight [ Eric Clapton ]

SONG #49 - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life [ Stevie Wonder ]

SONG #50 - You've Got A Friend [ James Taylor ]


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Here Are Six Powerful Reasons Why These Are The Most Easy, Fun, and Effective Guitar Song Lessons Ever Created:


These tunes are the best songs from the greatest bands and artists of all time. One look at the artist list and I’m sure you’ll agree.


First, I’ll make sure you know the chords. Most songs use the basic open chords or barre chords that I go over before anything else. When there’s new chords, I show them to you and tell you the exact fingerings. No guesswork.

Then, I break down every song into its essential components, such as “verse”, “chorus”, “pre-chorus”, and I give you the exact chord progressions for each part. And there’s more…


I’ll also teach you the exact strumming patterns you need for each tune. I admit, this was one of the shortfalls of the earlier version of the course… however I’m proud and excited to have upgraded this aspect of my instruction.

I break everything down and explain every rhythm in detail so that you can absolutely master the strumming.


“Arrangements” are where a lot of players get stuck. Let me explain… It’s one thing to know the chords of a song, and its another to actually play a convincing rendition of the song in the real world.

You see, it’s almost impossible to reproduce songs exactly as they were originally recorded, especially if they have 3 guitar parts, drums, bass, keyboards, backup singers, and so on… The good news is, you don’t have to!

I’ll show you how to get a great sounding version of all of these songs with just you and your guitar. For example, I’ll tell you where you need to simplify a complicated riff into a basic 2-chord progression (and how to do it).

I’ll tell you where to switch up your strumming pattern to create dynamics and make things sound great. I’ll show you what to play on the guitar even though the original song might have featured a piano.

Basically, I’ve done all the research on every tune and I’m ready to give you step-by-step lessons and everything you need to know.

Best of all, these arrangements are a perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness. We’ll stick mostly to rock-solid, great sounding chord strumming, yet we’ll also break out into slightly more complex playing when we need to, to capture the magic of each song.


I’ve created professional chord charts with nice, easy-to-read, big block letters. So following the chord progressions will be easy.

Plus, with the way I’ve broken everything into neat little sections and laid it all out symmetrically, I think it will really make it a lot easier to memorize these songs too… So you can play them anywhere you go.

I also include tabs!

Yes, I try to keep the arrangements simple, and use chords as much as we can, but we still will play some single note lines, powerchord riffs, picking patterns, and other effective techniques.

So when I’m not giving you a chord chart, I’ll give you the exact phrases you need to play, tabbed out note-for note.


I think you’ll have a blast learning these tunes.

Of course, being able to play the songs will be a thrill, but I’m also talking about the learning process itself.

I bring my positive attitude and enthusiasm to every song. I keep the vibe light and fun! It will be like we’re hanging out together in your living room 🙂

These are all my favorite songs and I’m betting most of them will be your favorites as well.

These videos are the closest thing to me coming over to your house and personally showing you all these great songs.

In fact, in some ways its even better because you can pause, rewind, and watch it as many times as you want. Plus you’ll have all the chord charts and tabs.

It’s a big bundle of guitar learning joy for a tiny price. I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t buy this course right now.

Remember Why You Started
Playing Guitar In The First Place?

Think back… to when you first started playing. What was that spark of inspiration?

Everyone starts out because they dig a certain genre… or there’s an experience you want to have…or maybe you just freakin love music.

If you can tap into that feeling, even just a little bit, it’s gonna get you re-motivated and toked to play. That’s the key to enjoying the guitar.

And the really big key is to play songs you love in music styles that excite you. That’s what this program is all about. There’s 50 songs from what’s possibly the best decade of rock music. So I know you’re gonna find some music in here that will just genuinely excite you and get you pumped.

Save Money. Save Time. Have a Blast.

If You Love Playing Guitar,
Then Owning This Course Is A "No-Brainer"

This course really is one of the fastest shortcuts possible to quickly mastering an impressive repertoire of killer songs and becoming an accomplished guitarist as fast as humanly possible.

This is it, my friend… the 60s, 70s and 80s Guitar Song Collection is your ticket to being able to call yourself an honest-to-goodness accomplished guitar player.

If you have even the slightest hesitation or doubt on ordering this course today, I want to put your mind at ease and truly take all the risk off your plate. I’m gonna hook you up with what is surely…

You're Protected By Our Famous 60 Days
Money-Back Guarantee.

Guitar Control offers a generous 60 days guarantee on all courses. We want to make ordering from us an exciting and no-risk experience.

If for some strange reason, you’re not able to QUICKLY AND EASILY LEARN some amazing tricks and techniques on the guitar, contact our customer support for a no-hassle refund.

No B.S, no run-around, and no hard feelings.

This an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful guitar lessons ever captured on tape.

So you’re literally risking zero.

Its my way of doing everything humanly possible to put your mind at ease so I can earn your business and put these awe-inspiring lessons into your hands today.

You Have Nothing To Lose,
And 50 Easy Guitar Songs To Gain...


Get 1970s Guitar Song Collection for only:



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