Cool dissonant lick

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For now, grab your gee-tar and learn this cool lick.


You know, you can’t get enough hot licks or enough
great new licks. So what I’d like to do now is just
show you in the key of G and also in the key of D,
which we’ve been working in, some licks that work
around that key. So this is in the key of G. I’ll
show you a couple cool licks.

This one here was shown to me by a friend of mine
who’s a great picker. Now, what it is, is you’re
in the key of G and so you slide up to a B note.
If you remember, G has many positions. One of
them is this one. We’re going to talk later about
how chords can inform melodies, chordal melodies.

In this case, we’re working off this position of
the G chord. I’m going to show you a lick that’s
descending in an interesting way. It has some
dissonant notes to it. It goes… It looks
complicated and it’s got some weird little
angles to it, so I’ll take it apart slowly.

I’m doing a half step on my high E and there’ll
be a tab for this. But you go up to a B note
from a B-flat and then you land on your G note.
So that’s a B-flat to a B, a G note on your B
string and then an E, open E. Now here’s where
it gets tricky. That’s an E-flat. It sounds
weird, doesn’t it? But the dissonance and we’re
going to get into this later, dissonance is a
fun thing. This is dissonance. It kind of makes
it sound sort of like biting into a lemon, isn’t it?

When you put it in context it really pulls. If
you’re in the key of G… So I’m going to context
this to that. So dissonance, again… So the first
half is… Oh, the butler did it. And then from an
E-flat to a D. You reach down and pick-up your high E.
Then you go down here to a B-flat and then pick up
your B string and all the way down to a low G.

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