Hangin’ with Virtuwul and Ozzie in the studio…

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Virtuwul and I are in the studio  here in sunny San Francisco working on “Killer Keyboards Made Simple” with my musical partner and  keyboard master Ozzie Ahlers. Oz is a seasoned session player having recoded and toured with the likes of Van Morrison, Jerry Garcia and guitar hero Craig Chaquico from Jefferson Starship.

Ozzie is doing a great job exploring basic keyboards and shares his system of “chop building” in an easy to understand pro method, injecting his brand of soulful blues and R&B along the way and sharing some provacative stories of real life experiences on the road and in the studio….

As a guitarist I recognize the importance of developing a basic understanding of keyboards whether writing songs or just having fun jammin’ with friends.

Stay tuned as we release more information about all things musical…

Keep Rockin’