New Jimmy Dillon DVD "Eclectic Electric" coming soon!

Greetings to all you electric guitar slingers…I wanted to tell you about a new product that Im really excited about with called “Eclectic Electric”. This DVD set explores in depth all the beauty and power of electric guitar….In my many years of touring, recording and teaching Im always struck by the excitement and fascination for both fans and players of electric guitar. In this series I share with you my experience and techniques as well as how to get killer tone and vibe from your axe, whether a strat,tele, Les Paul etc…I use my whole collection on this one and it is really a fun ride!

So stay tuned as we will have this baby ready to go before Xmas so we can all rock together into the New Year!

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How to play your favorite songs from the 60's & 70's on the guitar


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