How To Play Acoustic Guitar Using The Free Online Lessons

The acoustic guitar is a popular instrument to learn, particularly for beginners who enjoy music and just want to have a guitar on hand to entertain themselves or friends and family. It’s affordability and versatility make it ideal for beginning or hobby guitar players. Like any instrument, however, acoustic guitar does require a bit of work to play, and even more advanced lessons to master.

Learning to play any instrument today is much easier than it has been in the past. The Internet is a vast library of knowledge ready to be tapped by anyone who has the determination to learn something, and lessons for playing acoustic guitar are no different. Online acoustic guitar lessons can be found with a simple search. In fact, the amount of amount of lessons geared toward the acoustic guitar player is staggering, so much so that beginning players may have trouble knowing where to start.

If you don’t have a teacher to guide you, it’s a good idea to start with a lesson that focuses on holding the guitar, proper posture, and left and right hand co-ordination. These are elements often overlooked and are truly important when you’re starting out. Most websites that offer online acoustic guitar lessons will tackle these components right away, helping you establish good playing habits from the start.


Your next step will be to build a good chord vocabulary. Chords are a fundamental aspect of playing guitar and even more important to the acoustic guitar player, who will no doubt be playing on his own quite a bit. Whether you’re strumming some of your favorite songs or writing your own tunes, knowing as many chords as you can in as many positions as you can is crucial. That’s why I always recommend setting a goal for learning a set number of chords a week, then finding a song to strum that incorporates the new chords you’ve learned. Plenty of websites offer online chord dictionaries as well as more advanced instruction for building chords. Take advantage of these websites.

Don’t rely on reading when you’re looking for online acoustic guitar lessons. Many video sites offer free video courses that specialize in acoustic guitar playing techniques, with lessons on strumming, forming chords, and finger-picking. YouTube is one of my favorite places to find free video lessons. Find a good channel on YouTube, subscribe, and follow some of the posters to keep on top of the latest posts.


The Internet is free and available around the clock, making it possible for you to grab an online lesson anytime you feel the urge, day or night, so take advantage of the range of free online acoustic guitar lessons to improve your playing and help you get maximum enjoyment from your new guitar.

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