A unique teaching method

Gil has a very unique way and method of teaching.  He advocates
what he calls the “person behind the voice” methodology of teaching.
He developed this , not based on silly theories and imaginings, but
rather after many years of working with thousands of students. 

This method focuses on the key principles that are needed from
a technical point of view, but leaves out a lot of superficial
modern fads and non-critical factors.  Instead of getting bogged
down in the nuances, it concentrates on the PERSON BEHIND THE VOICE.

What is  important is not the mental knowledge, but the actual
experience of perofrming.

A powerful thing is proper practice.  In this way, students
can actually sing in their own natural expression with their real voice.

This is not only powerful in terms of musical development but also, it
is a wonderful way to express one’s self , which brings joy to the audience
and a great confidence to the performer.

How to play your favorite songs from the 60's & 70's on the guitar


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