3 Of The Best Guitar Songs

Music is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? No matter what your taste or mood is, there is a song out there for you. And if you disagree, I will just say that I am about the pickiest listener there is, but I soon found my Spotify playlist titled “my favorites” filled with over 80 songs.

The impact of music on each individual differs, but it’s definitely there. People identify and fall in love with different songs for different reasons. But we’re all tied together with how we all have those emotions that an artist somehow knew and wrote a song specifically about it. Many tools are used, such as the piano, drums, etc. But this is a guitar website, so you can guess where I’m going with this.

Joshua Olivieri here, and I’m going to show you some of my picks for the best guitar songs, whether you want to play them or just listen.

John Mayer- Gravity
This is not a complicated song by any means. Using chords like G, C, and A minor, this is a piece written with simplicity in mind, along with a perfect use of the electric guitar. On every account, it’s an incredibly smooth song, just one sax away from becoming jazz. Like the chords, the lyrics are simple too: just a man working against what’s holding him down.


AC/DC- Back in Black
As soon as this gritty song comes into play, I’ll be impressed if you find someone that isn’t familiar with it (the lyrics however are a different story). Used in many popular movies and shows like Supernatural, Megamind, and Iron Man, this has become a classic in the hearts of rockers everywhere. While pretty challenging to play correctly, this is a song that will stay in our hearts for many long years.

Chuck Berry- Johnny B. Goode
Slightly less recognizable, this is still a hit even today. Chuck Berry instantly captures the listener’s attention by opening with a mighty fine riff that is catchy as it is an echo of his talents. Increasing in popularity with it’s use in the timeless Back to the Future, this is a classic testament of just how great the guitar can be.

As you might expect, there are still hundreds if not thousands more great guitar songs out there. As a guitarist, I encourage to learn and find more just as I have. Keep looking on guitarcontrol.com to find more songs that would suit your liking, and don’t stop practicing!

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