How To Learn Guitar | Guitar Classes and Other Options Available

Some people just don’t do well teaching themselves how to play guitar. There are too many variables that can make self-teaching a difficult process. Not knowing where to begin or in what order to approach the elements necessary to learn any instrument or craft can be a challenge. Discipline is another hurdle faced by some people who try to teach themselves an instrument. Learning to play guitar well requires discipline, a good dose of music theory (if you want to understand how songwriting works as it’s applied to guitar playing), and actual playing techniques that require plenty of practice to perfect.


There is an alternative to wading through the jungle of information available online and trying to determine what you need to teach yourself how to play guitar effectively. Guitar classes available that will fit whatever needs you have. Guitar classes can be found in many forms, ranging from group lessons at local colleges to online video classes you can take at your own pace. You can even find affordable classes at some local music stores. Another option is a private guitar teacher who will give you one on one instruction, although this can be a bit more expensive than group settings.


Guitar classes also come in audio formats. These can be useful if you aren’t in need of visual instruction. You might be one of those people who enjoys putting headphones on and listening to something whenever you get some free time. Audio formats are not as effective for guitar players who don’t have a well-trained ear.

Guitar classes can become expensive, which is why so many people do choose to teach themselves. A collection of video courses are a great alternative. Although you may have to lay out a couple hundred dollars for a set of recorded guitar classes that will run the gamut of what you need to develop your skills, that cost will quickly be offset by the money you save by not taking private lessons or even group lessons.


Only you can decide if guitar classes are for you or not. Ask yourself how confident you are teaching yourself to play. If you’re confident in your abilities, it’s cheaper and less restrictive to teach yourself to play guitar. If you don’t have faith in your abilities to teach yourself and you can afford it, then guitar classes might be best. If you need structure, guitar classes are going to be more effective.

No matter which path you choose, guitar classes or self teaching methods, be prepared to put consistent effort into learning, practice regularly, and follow a course that you feel comfortable with. Do it for the love of the instrument and for the love of the music that you’ll be playing as you progress through each skill level.

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