Guitar Player

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I wanted to play guitar the minute I heard Ace Frehley play in KISS. He certainly isn’t the most technical guitar player ever, but he does have a style and he knows the role of the guitar in music. Any good guitar player has these characteristics.

Picking your favorite guitar player isn’t always easy. There are so many. I could make a list here that wouldn’t stop. Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Django Reinhardt, Albert Lee, Alex Lifeson, Jim Hendrix, and Billy Gibbons are just a few. Each of these guitar players are legendary for different reasons. One thing they have in common is how diverse they are, so as you can see, there’s no single answer for choosing the best guitar player ever.

Check out this lesson on a famous Jimi Hendrix tune:




What is the role of a guitar player? That’s the question that really matters. A guitar player needs to understand the song. A guitar player’s role is to serve the song, which sometimes does require flashy, technical playing. More often than not, though, a guitar player should know how to manipulate the melody and harmony of a song to create a solo that showcases only those skills necessary to move the song forward. The place to showcase your skills as a lead guitar player is onstage, during the segment designated as the guitar solo spot. Other than that, or perhaps on an instrumental, the role of the guitar player is both rhythmic and as a soloist.

While nobody can tell you what kind of guitar player you are, you should be aware of the type of guitarist you are and work to develop a style that makes you an individual but part of a tem as well. The ultimate role of a guitar player is to create a harmonic and melodic canvas upon which a song can be built. The best guitar players live by this rule.

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