How to Teach Kids Play Guitar Chords And Arpeggios

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Teaching your kid how to play guitar can be challenging. I myself have taught many many kids
who how to play guitar. Some of them were 6 years old. Some of them were 9. The best part
about is that most of them really wanna learn and it is oftentimes easier to teach them than an
adult. It is just way easier for them to learn a new instrument.

So today I wanna show you a very easy chord progression that they will be able to play. The
key here is to tell them that everything sounds amazing. The key is to make them think that
what you are teaching them is super cool. Kids love it when something is special and very hard
but somehow they are able to achieve it. Everyone loves that. Let’s check out these chords:


So once you teach your kid how to play these chords you are gonna move on to arpeggios.
Arpeggios can be a bit challenging because it involves more movement of the right hand. Since
all these arpeggios involve 4 string and one note per string, your kid is going to use the thumb
for the lowest note, and then the index, middle and ring finger for the other notes.
Let’s check it out:


It would be nice if you would learn these arpeggios first and show them how cool they sound.
The good thing is that this progression is so popular and common that you can almost sing any
song you want over it! Give it a try, they all work.

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