How to Start Learning Piano Online

Hey all, CMC here. Interested in PIANO LESSONS ONLINE?
Well, you’ve come to the right place-, your
home for all things musical, wonderful and groovy.

As I’ve said many times, on these hallowed pages, we live in
awesome times for musick (as it used to be called) and
musicians. Never before have there been so many ways to
learn, to grow and to teach. Old school cats had to deal
with paper and pen, carriage and crime. We get to sit in the
air conditioned comfort of our own home and take PIANO

How cool, how awesome is that?

So, let’s get busy. Get your Google on and start searching
for piano lessons online. The good thing is, you already did
and now here you are! So-have no fear, we’re here; get used
to it!

I’ve said this in other articles but it bears repeating: in
my honest opinion, before you even begin, first look at how
committed you are to the art, to this craft. I’ve learned
from some great motivational teachers and leaders, over the
years, that knowing your end game, being intentional, is key.
If you are just “messing around” that’s OK. If you want to
play with a Philharmonic, cool. But KNOW. Be CLEAR on your
intentions. I play piano but I “messed around” and although I
can fake it, I can’t make it. But hey, It’s never too late!
(Preaching to myself here as well as some of you) Try to
figure out what the heck your goals on the keyboard are, then
make choices based on that.

Here´s a cool PIANO VIDEO LESSON that you may want to check

So, back to our topic: piano lessons online. From my
experience (which might not be yours) there are enough great
teaching sites here and online to keep you busy building
basic skillz. I would advise checking out a few; maybe tentwenty
sites. Spend a little time on each, maybe five minutes
to half an hour. Find one or a few that work for you, then
bookmark them. Visit them! Make use of an amazing resource!

I doubt you will have to spend money but by no means make
that a rule. Some things are worth paying for. So, go for it!
The piano is one of the greatest inventions of all time; make
learning to play it a part of your life! If nothing else,
knowing how to play can wow your friends at a party or woo a
love interest. Be blessed! Peace, out.

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