How to Play the Bass Guitar in 3 Techniques

Step 1: Learn the correct right hand technique” Most players want to focus on the left hand because it’s selecting which note to fret. But the right hand is SOOO important. A good right hand technique makes all the difference between sounding wonderful or sounding horrible.

Step 2: Learn the correct left hand technique.
Once you have your right hand down, you need to learn how to move across the fretboard. You’ll want to make sure you develop the reach, the dexterity, the strength, and the proper touch… so you can easily play whatever you want.

Step 3: Learn your favorite songs This is the fun part. If you did your homework in the first 2 steps and learned the correct technique, the rest is a breeze. And guess what, it doesn’t have to be boring, difficult, or take years to get there. Once you got technique, you just need to follow a few basic principles to play any tune you want.

How to play your favorite songs from the 60's & 70's on the guitar


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