3 Fun & Easy Riffs By Judas Priest – Vol-3

Learn to play three more fun and easy riffs by Judas Priest with Guitar Control instructor Darrin Goodman, aka Uncle D. Be sure to get the free tabs to go along with the step by step video instruction and you will be rockin’ these classic Judas Priest riffs tonight!

Judas Priest Riff


How’s it going everybody? This is Darrin with GuitarControl.com bringing you this video lesson and today I’ve got another installment for you from some fun and easy riffs from Judas Priest.

Right now Guitar Control is giving away this really cool free chord chart. There’s a link in the description where you can download yours. It’s in PDF format and has every chord that you could ever need all neatly compiled into one sheet. So you can download it and print it off and throw a copying your gig bag, put a copy where you practice; whatever situation you’re in you could have any chord you need at a glance and it’s free download.

So be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs and let’s get close up and take a look at these Judas Priest riffs.

Judas Priest Riff-1 – Leather Rebel

All right, so the first Judas Priest riff to look at is the riff from Leather Rebel. Now this isn’t really difficult to play, but it is difficult to play at the speed that they’re playing it at. So if you’re a beginner you can learn this, but you’re probably going to be playing it quite a bit slower but this is a really good thing to kind of help build up your speed.  So it’s going to be single notes played on the A string while we’re pedaling the open low E string. So all the notes we’re playing on the low E string are palm muted and are 16th notes. So one e and uh and then on the downbeat of two we’re going to pick up the 14th fret of the A string as an eighth note; one and a two e and a three e and. So then on the and of three we’re gonna pick up the twelfth fret of the A string… Then we’re gonna do that same thing to the tenth fret, nine, and then just one open low E then to the seventh fret of the A string and try to do a pinch harmonic… so that is the first two measures. So the next two measures is the same exact thing. The only thing that’s different is the very last note instead of being the seventh fret it’s the fifth fret and also try to do it with a pinch harmonic… Now with this I’m alternate picking. It just makes it easier. It’s going to be hard because the song is 174 beats per minute; so it’s like… it’s really hard to do that at that tempo and get all the notes to have clarity. I used to cover this in a band back when it was a new song in the early 90s and it feels more challenging to me now than it did back then.

Judas Priest Riff-2 – Living After Midnight

All right so next Judas Priest riff we’re going to look at is Living After Midnight and this one is just made up of just a bunch of just the garden variety power chords that you probably have used already. So we’re starting off on an E5; so my first finger’s on the seventh fret of the A string and there’s a couple of ways you can do this. You need to pick up the ninth fret of the D string, this is the minimum, but you can also pick the ninth fret of the G string so it just makes it a little fatter sounding. So you can do it like this or you could do it like this, but if you’re a beginner a lot of times getting that third string is difficult. So you can only just get the A string and the D string that is totally fine. So we’ve got this one, two, three and, so one, two, three, on the downbeat of three we do a mute and the and of three we move this chord shape down a whole step so now it’s D5. So on the down beat a four is a mute and then the and of four and five. So the a string open and then the second fret of the D and G string just with your first finger. So that’s our first measure. And then on the first two beats of the second measure are two more of those; so it’s like four and one two mute… All right, second fret of the A string, fourth fret of the D and or G string, mute and then back up to here to where we started on E5. So that’s the first two measures… Now third measure is the same as the first measure… the fourth measure is the same as the second measure… the sixth measure is the same as the first measure… measure seven is similar to the second measure, but the difference is that we go eight one two three and four and you stay on the B instead of going back up to the E. So it’s like…

Judas Priest Riff-3 – Running Wild

The last Judas Priest riff to look at is a personal favorite of mine. It’s riff from Running Wild. So we’re going to start off on that same E5 power chord. So we rest one, two, three, four, so we hit this on the and of four and then it’s tied to the downbeat of one of the next measure; so it’s counted as a as a quarter note and then we hit it again on the and of one. So it’s like… and then starting on the downbeat of two we’re going to just pedal the open low E string. So we’ve got two and three and four and then and then that E5 again and then it starts over again. So that’s like the first part of the Riff was… Now we’re going to be changing chords; so the E5… C5… So just move that shape down so now our first finger is on the third fret of the A string third finger is picking up the fifth fret of the D string and just like on the other one, you can pick up the one on the G string as well, but if you can’t it doesn’t matter. So now we’re going to hit that C5 and we’re gonna peddle the third fret of the A string instead of the open string… Up to the fifth fret for D5, same thing and then we’re going to go to a G5. So down to the third fret of the low E string with your first finger fifth fret of the A string and or D string and we’re gonna hit that on the and of four and then on the downbeat of one we’re gonna slide up to a B5 at the seventh and ninth fret and strum it again and then back to the E5… to the D5… then we’re going to go to an A5. We’ve got a quarter note and then eighth note and then a mute; so it’s like… and then back up to here…


So there you have it, three more fun and easy riffs by Judas Priest. So if you like this Judas Priest riff lesson be sure to give me a thumbs up and leave a comment down below if you have any questions about this or other guitar related topics. If you’ve not already done so please subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss any of the content that we upload throughout the week. Well that is all I have for you today. Thanks for watching 3 Fun & Easy Judas Priest Riffs – Vol-3 and have a great day.