How to Play Acoustic Guitar Boogie Style Riff

Here´s a nice acoustic guitar boogie style riff…

Acoustic Blues Lesson – Boogie Style

Hey, it’s Claude Johnson from Guitar Control. How’s it going?
Today I want to talk a little bit about the boogie style
of blues. You might have heard that term before. You might
have heard John Lee Hooker sing the song “Boogie Chillen”.

The boogie style is just a very repetitive kind of blues style.
You’re just kind of chilling on the same chord. For example, I
could do this in A. What I’m doing here is I’m fretting the 2nd
fret of the D and G strings, those two little notes there, and
then I’m just doing this little lick, sliding up from the 3rd
fret to the 5th fret and hit the open string.

This can get very repetitive. The trick to making it interesting
is to like kind of tell a story with vocals and every so often
you can change-up what you’re doing with your guitar. For example…
What I just did there was a little VII chord sort of.

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