How To Play The Bass Guitar | Made Simple for Beginners

Hey all you bass-heads! Wasssup? CMC here. Ready for today’s quick shot of musical espresso, otherwise known as BASS GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS? Cool! Let’ dive in.

Heck, what do I know about bass guitar? I’ve always been a guitar player (since i was 12) but bass never really caught on for me. But as I’ve said before, I have nothin’ but R E S P E C T for all you bass players and beginning bass players.

I’ve talked about this before but I want to re-iterate it again- it’s not the easiest gig in the world but it’s oh-so rewarding. If you’ve read my other stuff, you might remember me mentioning that I did have the pleasure of filling in on the bass on one occasion- a few friends were jamming and the regular bassist was gone. It was totally informal and fun and I learned a lot that I can share with you here.

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So, as I said before, possibly the biggest hurdle (from my point of view) you will face on bass guitar for beginners is the size of those frickin’ strings. Wooah. Nothin’ like those tiny little ultra thin gauge regular guitar strings or even those classical acoustic nylon strings, for ease and comfort. But you know what? Those thin little strings aint gonna’ rock the house the way a bass guitar is. There is nothing like those ultra-low vibes with every note you play. And you start to figure it out. You start to see that you don’t have to jam down so hard on the fret. It get’s easier. And you are going to love the way all the furniture in the room vibrates.

Literally, you can feel the good vibrations. It’s not just a cool saying! So, dive in! Grab that bass and create some good vibes!

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