How To Play Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side On Acoustic Guitar

beginner acoustic guitar lesson Lou Reed style

beginner acoustic guitar lesson  Lou Reed style

Easy Acoustic Guitar Song – Lou Reed Style

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with I want
to give you a real fast, mini lesson on Lou Reed’s song,
“Walk on the Wild Side”.

It’s going to start off C to F6 and this F6 chord, what
I’m doing here is I’ve got my middle finger on the 3rd
fret D string, first finger on the 2nd fret G string,
ring finger on the 3rd fret B string. So just these
three. There’s your strum pattern. Add the lyrics.

Basically the strum, I’m using what I call 16th note
pick-ups where you count it as an uh. So one, uh-two,
uh-three, uh-four; one, uh-two, uh-three, uh-four.

You’re going to C and F6 twice. Then you’ll go C to D, F to D.
When you do that part the strum is a little bit different.
It’s going to be like one, two, uh-three, four. There’s
just one uh in there between the two and the three. One,
two, uh-three, four; one, two, uh-three, four, and then
back to the other part.

So that’s a nice little song. There you go. You can add
that one to your repertoire. Check it out. I hope that
was cool for you. You can check out — if you’d like to
get my complete mega library of songs, song repertoire,
again, check-out

So that’s all and have an awesome day. Take Care.

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