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Lets talk about about beginners guitar songs. When you are first starting out with guitar, it is important that you have a few different songs that you can play to practice your technique. But if you choose a song that is too difficult, then there is a good chance that you will give up too quickly.

So what type of guitar songs are good for beginners? Generally a song that has minimal chords, 3 or 4, and focuses on open chords. An open chord is one which you don’t have to use your pointing finger to barr a whole fret. These chords are A, C, D, E, and G. As well, minor open chords can be played such as Am, Em, and Dm. So already you have many different chords that you can use quite easily.

When starting out, it is best to pick 3 chords and practice strumming them and changing between them. The idea is to ensure there is no stop in the rhythm when you are changing chords. At first, this will be tough, but with practice you will be able to do this with ease.

For now you can either use your thumb or a flat pick to strum these chords. As you get more comfortable, you can try fingerpicking by picking each string in a chord. This will give you a lot of room to make easy songs sound more interesting.

To get started, we can choose an easy song that has only 3 chords. That song will be ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ by The Byrds. Structurally, this song is quite easy and only switches between 3 chords. Those chords are G, A, and D. Here are the tabs for those 3 chords.

beginners-guitar-songs_chords.png width=

In order to play the song, here is the progression:

G, A, D, G, D, G, A, A

G, A, D, G, D, G, A, D

So it is quite simple. Start by learning each chord. Once you are comfortable playing each chord, practice transitioning between. Do this until there is no delay between chords. At that point, you will be able to play the song just by reading the chords on the screen. It helps if you sing along.

Well there you have it. There are many more beginners guitar songs that you can learn. Keep at it and you will become a good guitar player in no time!

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