Few of the Best Guitar Lessons Online

Today, playing the guitar is easier than ever. Guitar manufactures are making very affordable guitars for millions of people around the globe who can’t afford a classic Martin D-28, and the Internet is making is so easy for people to put together their own piecemeal guitar course.

While there are definitely downsides to not having a traditional guitar instructor, the Internet is putting music in the hands of the people. With that said, you have to be careful not to listen to too much of the bad advice that’s out there. At GuitarControl.com, we strive to provide you with the best guitar lessons online. Here is a small sample of what we offer to guitarists.

Eric Clapton lead guitar lesson
If you’re an Eric Clapton fan, or just a fan of the blues in general, you should definitely check out our awesome video lesson on how to play Eric Clapton-inspired lead guitar! This lesson will teach you how to pull-off and hammer-on your open strings quickly, just like Clapton. You might be surprised to find out that some of his runs are really relatively simple. Take a look at the LESSON HERE.

Chromatic guitar licks
When you’re shredding, sometimes adding a little chromatic flavor to your licks give them just a little more. If you want to take your lead playing to the next level, you should watch our series of videos on basic guitar licks with chromatic patterns. Check out the LESSON HERE.

Awesome acoustic guitar songs
If you’re more of an acoustic guitar player, you should check out our list of great songs to play around the campfire! The list gives you five different but well-known songs to choose from that are sure to amaze your friends and have them singing along! Access that listen HERE.

Acoustic country and blues licks
Maybe you’re interested in playing some lead guitar on your acoustic. If so, don’t miss our awesome lesson on country blues licks! Jimmy Dillon leads you through a video lesson that lays out many of the really popular easy blues licks and patterns. You can take a look at a sample of the LESSON HERE.

Folk guitar
We’ve all been through a Dylan phase, and for some people, it lingers on longer than others. For me, I’ve been obsessed with listening and playing Dylan’s songs for years, and I don’t see that coming to an end soon. If you’re like me, take a look at the GuitarControl.com lesson on the “claw-hammer” fingerpicking style. Check out this LESSON HERE.

If you’re still looking for more guitar lessons online, make sure to check out the selection of guitar lessons on our WEBSITE. You’ll learn everything from easy country blues licks to sweeping exercises.

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