Useful Tips To Learn Guitar the Fastest Way

Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from, today we’re going to talk about the fastest way to learn guitar.

Like many other disciplines learning to play an instrument can be a long and winding road. The guitar is a particularly complex musical instrument since it encompasses many different styles and genres, and therefor there are almost infinite techniques and expression resources that can be applied while performing.

Once you know the specific style you would like to master, and who are the players that you consider your main influences you are ready to start moving.

Listening a lot to the guitarists you like should be one of the most fundamental activities for anyone who is trying to improve. When you sit down and pay attention to a record, a song, a video or even a live concert, you are incorporating a lot of information that will mature as your technique, improvisation, and creativity grow stronger.

You may not be aware, but all the phrases, riffs and licks that you have heard though out your life are influencing and defining you. Some say we are all even influenced by the music we don’t like that much, because it works as a reference of what we don’t want to do.

While you are doing the listening training there’s the practice thing going on at the same time. Practice should be made of several items, due to the wide range of elements that we need to incorporate and improve in the process of learning to play the guitar.


Technique is, of course, one of the basics but it should always be tied to some type of musical aim in order to create a melodic sense of playing, even if you are performing technical challenging stuff.


Playing scales and arpeggios on a daily basis will help as much as dedicating some time to improvisation. Creating melodies and trying new connections between chords is also another great exercise. Don’t rely all your memory on tabs or scores, use them a lot, but try to create a fretboard map inside your mind, that will make you grow and will help you feel free as a player.

Keep on playing! See you soon!

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