How To Choose The Guitar Lessons To Learn First

The Internet is a playground for guitar players of all levels, regardless of your skill level. Guitar tab websites provide free tabs for the songs beginning guitar players want to play, guitar websites offer free guitar lessons for beginners that teach everything from how to memorize chord shapes and how to build chords to scales and how to apply them to chord progressions. There are websites that teach beginning guitar players how to write songs on the guitar, how to play by ear, and how to play genre-specific music from classical to jazz and everything in between. As a beginner, you may find it overwhelming as you begin to explore the range of free guitar lessons for beginners you can find online. YouTube Channel

Besides the websites, there are video websites that offer an extensive library of video lessons for beginners as well. This is good news because it means you can find videos covering everything from strumming chords to playing scales and beyond, but again, the sheer amount of material available makes it difficult to figure out where to start, particularly if you’re a beginning guitar player who has very little understanding of what you need to know to play guitar.

Where you start really depends on how much of the basic stuff you know. If you already know how to care for your instrument, how to tune it, and how to change the strings, then you can go ahead and skip over material pertaining to that particular aspect. If you don’t know these things, you can certainly learn them online, and you should start there.

The next set of free guitar lessons for beginners you need to pursue are the lessons that teach you basic chord shapes. You’ll eventually want to learn how to build chords (how they are constructed from scales) so you can build a chord anywhere on your guitar, but memorizing some of the basic, most-used chords is where you need to start as a beginner. You can learn how to build chords a little later. The same applies to scales. Learn your major and minor scales and where you can play them on the guitar, then practice playing them so it becomes second nature. You can learn additional scales and how to construct them with formulas in the next phase of your free guitar lessons for beginners. Right now you just need to learn enough of the basics so you can start playing a few favorite songs, and so you have a basic understanding of how music is made. Beginners Blog

Don’t forget technique at this stage of the game either. Free guitar lessons for beginners are available on websites and video sites that teach you how to strum, how to pick, how to bend notes, and specifics on fret and strum hand necessary to help you coordinate your playing. If you focus on these basics before you move on to advanced free guitar lessons, you’ll see a steady development of your abilities that will eventually lead to better guitar playing.

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