Why You Should Take Advantage of Free Guitar Lessons Online

Not a lot of things are truly free. Some web sites advertise free and give you what they promised, but with a lot of web sites (or other venues as well), there’s usually a catch. A lot of guitar web sites these days offer free guitar lessons and actually deliver. Some of them are trying to sell a product as well, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them.

A lot of the commercial sites that sell products to help you play guitar better actually offer free material as a way of grabbing your attention, and the truth is, the free material they offer is just as valuable as the stuff they want to sell.

Think about it, if a guitar company’s goal is to sell you something, then the stuff they give you free is quality material meant to convince you they have a great product to sell. Use the material they offer to help you determine if this is a company you want to invest your money in.

Blues Guitar Lesson

If you like that sample, here is the course it comes from.

Modern Fusion Blues

What types of lessons do these companies offer at no charge? It could be anything from how to play chords to more advanced tips and tricks like tapping, harmonics, or a study of fretboard theory that includes extensive study of the relationship of notes and the neck of the guitar. A lot of times the free guitar lessons these web sites offer are part of a larger DVD or book course, which gives you the opportunity to preview before you buy.

 Iron Maiden Lesson

If you do a little research, sometimes you can find guitar teachers online who give lessons via Skype or Face Time, and sometimes guitar teachers are willing to give one or two free guitar lessons as a way of introducing themselves and their method to you.

And there are always free guitar lessons on YouTube and other such video sites that you can access around the clock. These videos are often connected to professional guitar companies that produce professional guitar videos, so this is an ideal way for you to get free guitar lessons from people who know what they’re talking about.

Jazz-Bebop Lesson

Don’t put off your dream of playing guitar because you can’t afford it right now. Take advantage of free guitar stuff now, and later on, when you have some money to spend, invest it in those companies that you’ve trusted for free guitar lessons when you couldn’t afford to pay for them. It’s a win/win situation.

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