How To Play A Blues Riff With Shuffle

Welcome back! Today I wanna share with you some great guitar blues tab.
Blues is such a great genre. There is probably no musician out there there who is not gonna
enjoy jamming to some blues rhythm.

Well, today just for you I have specially made a blues riff that can be used and combine in any situation; it can even be used by bass players. This riff could even be used by piano players with their left hand while they improvise with the right hand. It is definitely a Shuffle riff and you will have to swing the 8th notes, which means that it will sound like triplets.

So you basically have to count “1 2 3” in every beat and you play the first 8th note on the the “1” and the 2nd one on the “3”; does that make sense?

Let’s check out the first example, which by the way was made using a combination of the E mixolydian scale and the E minor pentatonic scale; those 2 go great together! Feel free to mix them up however you want. Anyway, the riff:


And you can even transpose this whole riff to fit another key/chord. Like for instance, you could
transpose you play it instead of an A7:


And since it is using lower register notes and mostly open notes, it is a great riff for beginners.
Seriously! it looks like a lot of notes but just give it a try.
You can also adapt it for chords that don’t really use open strings like a B7:


As you can see it is a bit more complicated to play, but it still not that hard at all. Eventually you
could combine all of these riffs into a turnaround! For example, you could use it for a B7, A7, E7,
B7 turnaround like this:


It gets a bit trickier but it works!
This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
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