Helpful Tips To Choose The Right Guitar Lesson For Kids

Kids can learn to play guitar. It’s never too early to start your child on the road to musical discovery, and today, with the vast resources available on the Internet, it’s easier than it’s ever been to find adequate guitar lessons for kids. A quick Internet search will bring you a myriad of choices, and with the comes a lot of questions. Choosing the best method out of all these options can be a challenge, particularly if you’re a parent who doesn’t have any musical knowledge yourself. Here are a few tips and considerations for picking appropriate lessons for your child.


Kids learn visually, so one of the best ways to teach your child to play guitar is to find an age-appropriate series of video lessons. You can buy DVD lessons or find them on YouTube. Look for lessons that address subject matter in a manner that is engaging and entertaining. Kids won’t sit long for dull, dry lessons. Videos that incorporate easy-to-play songs appropriate for children can be extremely beneficial and go a long way toward keeping your child interested.

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Beginning guitar method books are another way to teach kids to play. There are hundreds of guitar method books that are aimed at kids. These books usually use funny graphics to help promote interest in learning. You can purchase these methods online or at retail music stores. Choosing an appropriate method is fairly easy because they are normally graded for specific age groups.


Of course, if you can afford a guitar teacher, finding one suitable for teaching kids won’t be difficult. There are lots of guitar instructors to choose from, both online and in the real world. Keep in mind that guitar teachers can be very expensive and you may have to travel to the teacher, which can add even more expense. For this reason, I recommend either using video instruction or finding a teacher who will work with your child remotely using FaceTime, Skype, or similar video conferencing software.


Whatever method you, as a parent, decide to go with, be sure you’re going to be there to show interest and give encouragement. Kids can lose interest fast. Choosing the right instructional approach and encouraging commitment to that approach is the best way to ensure your child’s musical success.

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