Learn Guitar From Some Of The Best Online Instructors

In your continued quest to learn and master the guitar it can be overwhelming to sift through all of the resources available to learn guitar online free. With so many sites out there offering up free guitar tutorial lessons and the endless sea of guitar tabs available you end up spending more time looking than learning

One of the many problems with the free online resources is the massive amount of bad information out there that if you don’t weed through it you may end of wasting time or worse learning wrong stuff and ultimately practicing mistakes.

One of the best resources online today is GuitarControl.com. They offer a plethora of free articles, tabs and videos on there site as well as there YouTube channel. GuitarControl.com features some of the best guitar instructors on the web with easy to follow video tutorials and clear and concise tabs. Weather you want to learn; blues, jazz, rock, country, etc… or work on your technique or maybe just your favorite song, they have you covered.

Here is a great lesson from GuitarControl.com founder Claude Johnson.

Claude Johnson lesson

Guitar Control also has a killer YouTube channel featuring over 1000 guitar tutorial videos from some of the best teachers in the world including; Claude Johnson, Jon MacLennan, Silvio Gazquez, Jimmy Dillon and myself just to name a few. These free quality video lessons covering many different styles and genres and have free guitar tabs available as well.

This is a great video from featuring Jon Maclennan

Jon MacLennan lesson

Here are the guitar tabs for Jon’s lesson.


As you can see the quality of content and instruction is top notch and both the website and the YouTube channel are updated all the time with new content and will keep both the novice and experienced guitarist busy learning new material.

Check them both out and be sure to bookmark them so you don’t miss when new lessons are added.

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