Learning Guitar Face-to-Face | What You Need To Know

Are you a beginning guitar player who’s finding it difficult to learn on your own? Sure, there are tons of articles, video tutorials, books, and even online courses dedicated solely to the art of playing the guitar, but what if none of that is truly working for you, and you find yourself struggling with your practice regimen? If that sounds like you, you might want to consider a new method of learning, which is through in-person local guitar lessons. There’s really nothing like meeting face-to-face with an instructor in your area to learn to play guitar.

Here are just some of the pros to taking local guitar lessons:

You get real-time feedback: The main problem with learning guitar on your own with only videos and books is that you’re never quite sure if you’re playing something correctly. Sometimes, something still sounds off, but there’s no way for you to tell why. Other times, you think you’re doing something right, but you’re actually not. And that could get dangerous in some cases, especially if you’re unknowingly playing in a poor position or with bad posture. You could develop problems like carpal tunnel in your wrists, or back problems from sitting or standing incorrectly. That’s why a major pro to meeting an instructor is that they can give you actual feedback in real time, and tell you exactly how to improve.


You can tailor the information: One issue with online courses is that you usually have to follow the course, or the topics covered are limited. For some, that works well because the course progresses in a format that optimizes their learning and makes sure to cover the basics before moving on to advanced techniques. But for others, maybe it doesn’t work as well. Maybe a different format works better for you. By taking a local guitar lesson where you get to work directly with an instructor, they’ll be able to see what works for you and what doesn’t, and what you’re interested in and what you’re not. Essentially, with an individual instructor, you can build your own course in a way.


You bond on a personal level and get insider tips: Perhaps the best part of working with someone in person is that you get to actually learn about and from them on a personal level. That means they can share what worked for them in the past, or any cool stories about how they met Eddie Van Halen once at a show! They’re also more prone to sharing insider tips with you that they don’t usually teach, especially if they notice you have a lot of potential and want to see you succeed.

So with these pros in mind, maybe it’s time to try out a local guitar instructor in your area to learn more?

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