How To Easily Find Online Guitar Lessons

Good day fellow students of the guitar, Darrin Goodman here with some new guitar tidbits for you. Like most of us you have probably spent a fair share of time looking for an online guitar lesson. With so many of them out there it can be frustrating finding one that pertains to what you are trying to learn. The key to finding good ones is to know what to search for and hope that whoever published it has a good description for it so that your search engine will find it.

This blog has many different guitar lessons on it and has a great YouTube channel that has many great lessons on many different subjects; weather you are looking to shred some solos, comp some jazz or just learn your favorite song, they have you covered.

Guitar Control YouTube Channel

Let’s take a look at some of the highlight lessons available on the channel.

Blues Guitar:

Here’s one from founder Claude Johnson on how to spice up the pentatonic scale by adding the major third to it to give that cool blues sound.

Spice Up The Pentatonic Scale Lesson

Here’s another one from yours truly on a blues chord progression in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

12 Bar Blues Guitar Lesson

Jazz Guitar:

With jazz it’s all about the chord progressions. Check out this lesson from Billy Crabbe with a jazz lick you can play over the 2-5-1 chord progression.

2-5-1 Jazz Lick Guitar Lesson

Here is another one from me on adding a melody to the 1-4-5-b6 chord progression. This lesson demonstrates how you can switch between playing chords and a melody.

1-4-5-b6 Progression Guitar Lesson


Here are a couple of song lessons from Claude Johnson.

Fly Away Guitar Lesson

Wonderful Tonight Guitar Lesson

Those are just a few examples of what’s available from With the video lesson and the free guitar tabs; is your source for all things guitar.

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