How to Switch From Playing Acoustic Guitar to Electric Guitar

Playing Chords On Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar -- Video Guitar Lesson

Playing Chords On Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar - Video Guitar Lesson

How’s it going guys. This is John McClennan
and I’m here with I want
to show you a great lesson today. This one
is going to be targeted for perhaps people
coming from playing acoustic guitar, moving
to electric.

You may have learned a lot of what I call
your cowboy chords, the basic open chords:
D, C, G. Some of those chord voicings when
you move them to electric guitar and, say,
you start getting into rock and you’re adding
distortion to the guitar, I like to tweak them
a little bit so that they work better with
distortion on or in a rock setting, perhaps,
if you’re playing a heavier style of music,
maybe some AC/DC or something like that.

Here we go. So let’s start off, be sure to click
the link below with the tab. But let’s say we
take a G chord. Here’s your very common chord
voicing and I’m just going to call out the frets
to you: 3, 2, open, open, 3, 3. That’s a great
chord, but one of the things that I’ll do is I’ll
remove the thirds from the chords. So for instance,
this B note; I’m not going to play that note. I’m
just going to take that out and then my second finger
is going to sort of arc over and now I’m going to get a G.

So now when I add some distortion, you know…
Sometimes when I have this note in there the
notes just kind of mush together. So I like
this chord a lot of the times.

So let’s keep going. Let’s take a D chord now
and here’s your typical folk voicing on acoustic
guitar. What I’m going to do is I’m going to omit
the high string. So I’m just going to mute that
and then I’m going to get this chord. Right away,
again, when you add this note… As opposed to this.
It has a little bit more rock sound to it and that’s
because basically what we’re doing is we’re creating
a power chord out of the open chord voicing.

So be sure to click the link below and it shows you
more voicings in the tab as well. Try to apply some
of these and you will really hear the difference.
See you in the next video lesson. Thanks for watching.

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