Private Guitar Lessons – What You Need to Know

When considering guitar lessons there are many choices of how to do it. This article will cover Private Guitar Lessons.

Private guitar lessons can be the most effective method for learning the guitar. Private guitar lessons are one on one with student and the teacher. Since there are not other students like in a group lesson situation, the teacher can focus on you without the distractions of another student. Private guitar lessons are more personal and can focus on the needs of the individual that can get over looked in a group lesson. The following are examples of points of focus that can best covered in private guitar lessons.

*Posture: Not the posture like when your mother tells you to sit up straight, but how you hold your guitar. There are small variations of how you hold your guitar that vary from person to person that can make the difference of effectively you can play your guitar. An good experienced instructor can see small posture changes that a student can make that can make a big difference. These are often missed in a group setting.
*Nasty habits: Some of the worst habits in technique that I’ve ever seen in a guitarist happened because they were never told not to do it. Private guitar lessons can avoid these problems because of the personal attention received.
*Un-answered questions: One of the most important things in learning the guitar is to understand what you are supposed to be working on. This requires a lot of question and answer time with the teacher. In a group lesson situation students may not get questions answered fully because of time restrictions or simply not ask because of limited time or not wanting to ask in front of other students. Private guitar lessons offer the ability to ask questions without distractions and to be able communicate if they don’t understand the answer.
*Guitar set up issues: Often student frustration is caused by a problem with there guitar. Beginners have special needs as to the set up of there guitar for ease of learning. Set up problems are often missed in a group setting. In private guitar lessons the teacher can have the time to check at each lesson if there are problems with the student’s guitar that are causing progress problems.
As you can see, private guitar lessons offer things that can’t be found in other settings and are the most effective way to learn to play the guitar.

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