Take It Easy By The Eagles Guitar Tab

Take It Easy

“Take It Easy” is a great, classic song performed by one of the most popular bands of our time, The Eagles. And today, we are going to be breaking some of the song down for you in the form of a guitar tab, so you can learn it and get started playing along too! Let’s take a look at Take It Easy Guitar Tab.

Aside from the solo, much of the song can simply be played with chords. To get a fuller sound, you should try to use mainly open position chords or barre chords, depending on your preference. For the verses and choruses, a total of only five chords are used, and they are G, D, C, Em, and Am. If you’re familiar with these chords and can fluently switch between them, then you’re already almost there! You can either strum along to the song, or, you can improvise a bit and play some parts as arpeggios. You’ll notice The Eagles aren’t simply strumming throughout the entire piece, so feel free to mix things up.

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But then there’s the harder part, which is the solo. Still, if you’re an intermediate player, you shouldn’t have trouble learning it and getting it down. The best way to learn any solo is to make sure you have it all memorized before playing. You should know it well enough to be able to hum along, and it would be even better (but not necessary) if you could also identify things like slides, hammer-ons, etc. beforehand because it would make it even easier to learn. Now to look at that solo for Take It Easy.

Here we’re including a few measures of it to give you an idea. You’ll notice there are a lot of slides, a few bends, and some vibrato going on. These are basic techniques that you should practice, even if you’re a beginning player, because you’re going to encounter them in nearly every song you listen to that has even a hint of rock and roll in it. “Take It Easy” isn’t a very fast song either, but if the solo is still too quick for you, just practice at a slower pace, keeping time with a metronome, and build up speed until you can play along with the song.

take it easy

take it easy

And that’s it for “Take It Easy” by The Eagles!

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