Guitar Lessons Are All In One Youtube Channel Now

I’ve always been a fan of learning guitar visually, but sitting down with an instructor at an appointed time has never been my strong suit. To put it mildly, I’ve always worked better on my schedule (and at my own pace) than on a schedule set by someone else. For this reason, I’ve always preferred getting my guitar instruction through video courses. To me, paying for something one time (as opposed to paying a teacher over and over) and having it at my disposal whenever I need it is the way to go.

 Guitar Control YouTube Channel

This is why I love YouTube. What do you want to learn on guitar? YouTube is there twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, offering guitar lessons that encompass everything from the basics of how to hold and strum a guitar to playing complex chords, scales, and modes. Do you want to understand tritone substitution or learn how to play fusion licks in the key of B minor? No problem, folks, you can find YouTube guitar lessons specifically addressing these topics. How about banjo-style licks for the guitar, gypsy jazz licks, or an intense lesson on sweep picking? Again, type the phrases into the YouTube search and you’re going to find lessons to accommodate you.

Check out this tritone substitution lesson from David Wallamann

 Tritone Substitution Lesson

The beautiful thing about lessons on YouTube is that you can access them at any time, subscribe to the channels that feature the guitar lessons you need, use the lessons as frequently as you need to use them. YouTube guitar lessons are like having an army of guitar instructors at your fingertips.


You’ll notice a lot of the instructions you find on YouTube are part of a larger course, which you should be able to find for sale on DVD. This is great because if you decide you want to buy the full course, you already know you like the way the instructor teaches and the information he covers. This makes YouTube guitar lessons not only ideal on their own, but useful for previewing DVD video courses you might be interested in owning.

 David Wallamann Modern Fusion Blues Course

YouTube guitar lessons are free and waiting for you to take advantage of them on your terms, when you want to learn, so fire up the guitar and explore the world of visual guitar lessons you’ve already got at your fingertips.

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