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Our next product release here at Guitar Control
is called “Boogie Blues Magic”, with Jonathon
Boogie Long, winner of Guitar Center’s 2011
King of the Blues contest.

Release date is Feb 6.

I got a cool video today… (a sample from this
upcoming course)

It shows you some really cool funky blues
rhythms and ideas you can use in your playing.

I hope to show you that:

1. “Boogie” is not just a performer and excellent player,
he can teach too.

2. He’s not just a guitarist that can wail solos,
he’s also got killer rhythm chops…

3. He’s not just a “crazy guitar face” guy,
he’s a real laid back, mellow, and down to earth



Now we’re going to do a funk rhythm. It will be in the key of G.
This is going to be kind of like a really choppy, kind of funky
rhythm here.

We’re going to start on the 3rd fret on the E and B strings,
down here, high strings. Bar those. You’re going to do the —
in the 3rd fret, you’re going to be in the 5th fret, B and
G strings. So you’re going to go… And then you’re going to
hammer-on from the 3rd fret to the 4th fret on the G string.
And then catch the chord, finish the chord out, which is the
G chord here. So it’s going to be something like this.

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