Another Spicy Bluesy Lick – Check the Picking

Ok, so for the past year or so, I’ve been posting some cool licks
on my blog.

I am not saying these are like the shreddingist licks in the universe…
However – some of them are pretty hot, and the neat thing about
many of these licks is that you actually DONT need super chops
to play them, BECAUSE they are designed for efficiency and speed.

Pay attention to the hammer (H) , pull off (P) symbols as well
as the upstroke (looks like a v) and downstroke (looks like
an n)

This example starts on an upstroke (toward you, not the floor)
And notice it takes advantage of the hammer ons, pull offs,
and economy picking to create a fast lick that YOU can
actually play!

Even if you can play it slow, its good…

Try it!


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