How To Take The Guitar Chords Through Blues Progression

Blues Guitar Lesson on Chords

Blues Guitar Lesson on Chords

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with
and today I want to talk about blues chords.
Any chord can pretty much be used in a blues.

The most important thing in the blues is the structure
itself. You could use major chords. For example,
“Blue Suede Shoes” is just A major to D. You could
use minor chords, like a minor blues, like
“The Thrill is Gone”. So see how it went from B minor
to E minor. It’s just I IV in the minor key. But the
most common is the 7 or dominant chords. That’s really
what gives it that earthy, deep blues flavor, E7.
That’s like the king of all blues chords, E7.
What you can do is harmonize it, too.

I go over that stuff in my blues course, which you
can find at But what I want
to just tell you today is any chord is a blues chord
as long as you take it through the blues progression,
but dominant 7 chords are the king of all blues chords.

That wraps-up this little video lesson and I’ll show
you some more exotic stuff another time.
Thanks for watching.

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