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Originally born with the name James Moore, this blues guitarist was the eldest of an orphaned family. During the 1930s and early 1940s worked as a longshoreman and dock worker to earn a living. He first began in Baton Rouge performing in bars and other juke box joints under the name Harmonica Slim. He was an excellent musician both live and in the studio and recorded a number of hits including the Grammy Hall of Fame single “I’m a King Bee” and also “I Got Love If You Want It”.

Enjoying a long line of popular R&B singles he was even able to be inducted into the rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame.

He was a great influence to many of the British rock bands of the time including the Rolling Stones Yardbirds and Pink Floyd who all featured versions of his songs in their repertoire.

Although he achieved a great deal of success he was never a full-time musician, he owned and operated his own trucking company all through the 1960s.

This blues guitarist died at the young age of 46 from a heart attack and was buried in a cemetery in a small town in Louisiana.

Top 5 Songs

Baby Scratch My Back
I’m a King Bee
Shake Your Hips
I Got Love If You Want It

Top 3 Albums

Baby Scratch My Back
Got Love If You Want It
Tip On In


Baby Scratch My Back (1966)
Tip On In (1968)
Got Love If You Want It (1980)
Sings “Raining In My Heart…”

Baby Scratch My Back/I’m Gonna Miss You (1966)
I’m Gonna Keep What I’ve Got/I’ve Got To Be With You Tonight (1967)
I’m Your Bread Maker, Baby/”Loving You” (1967)
Rainin’ In My Heart (1973)

The Best of Slim Harpo (1969)
The Best of Slim Harpo – The Original King Bee (1983)
Slim Harpo Knew the Blues

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