How to Play Blues Intro in the Key of A

Blues Intro in the Key of A -- Easy Guitar Lesson on Blues Turnarounds

Blues Intro in the Key of A - Easy Guitar Lesson on Blues Turnarounds

Hey, guys? This is John McClennan and
I’m here with bringing
you this video blog. We’re looking at another
blues intro today in the key of A, A blues.

And we’re going to start up here on this
great lick where I’m utilizing hybrid picking
where I play with the pick and the fingers,
but here we’ve got 10 and 9. I play those two
notes together. And then I play the A root on top,
which is going to stay consistent through this movement.

And then what I’m doing is just dropping the lower
notes by half step until I finally arrive at my A chord.
So you’ve got this like descending motion with this
consistent, I think they call it, pedal tone or
pedal point. So there would be your A7 chord at the end.

And then to the five chord. So that’s just 5, 6, 7,
walking up chromatically like a typical blues bass line would.
And then you’ve got your 7th fret, 6th fret, 7th fret,
5th fret, just a stock E7 chord. What’s so great about
this is it’s just like a C chord but you just add your pinkie.

Again, if you want it a little bit more intense, maybe you
go for the sharp 5 or this E augmented chord,
which would be 7, 6, 5, 5. Again, starts on beat two. A7.
So that could just be an intro to going into something like…
Just a 12-barre blues. So check it out.

Click the link below for the tab and we’ll see you in
the next lesson. I hope this helps. Thanks for watching.

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