Blues Lick with Double Stops – Easy Blues Guitar Lesson

Blues Lick with Double Stops - Easy Blues Guitar Lesson

Blues Lick with Double -- Easy Blues Guitar Lesson

Hey guys. How’s it going? This is Gaby Soule with and today I’m bringing you this
video lesson. I’m playing a very bluesy lick here.
It’s in the key of B flat and I’m using some blue
notes here and there. Let me show you what I’m doing.

Basically, I’m playing some kind of double stop. Let’s
say it’s a double stop in some way because I’m playing
two notes at the same time. I’m playing the 3rd and the
1st string with my first finger. I’m doing some kind of
bar there. I’m covering both strings. With my right hand
I’m playing some kind of, let’s say, hybrid picking because
I’m picking the 3rd note and with my middle finger, I’m
playing the 1st string. It’s not absolutely necessary to
play it with hybrid picking, of course. You can play it
just with your fingers or maybe you could also find a way
to play it only with a pick, maybe muting the 2nd string
or something. But I think this is the most comfortable
way to play this for me, the way it works for me.

What I’m doing is I’m using this note, the shape that
I’m playing with. I’m starting at the 6th fret of the
6th string, but the root is B flat, and I’m using the
blue note, which would be an E. What I’m doing is I’m
holding this high root on the 1st string with my 1st finger,
as I said before, and with my 3rd finger on the 3rd string
I’m playing this 8th then the 9th fret, then 8 again, and then
the 6th fret. Third-string, 8, 9, 8 again, and then 6, but I
do all that with just one picking at the beginning and the
rest is just legato. So pick at the 8th, 9 with a hammer, 8
pull and pull to get the sound of the 6th fret. So its
All the time the 1st string is ringing. It goes like Then
I’m playing just with it. It’s a lot of other combinations
into the scale that sounds pretty cool to like With the single
string or maybe with There are a lot of those combinations
using the blue note.

Then what I do after doing this, I do it a couple of times
like Then I go I play with my full finger on the 9th
fret of the 1st string and I do a slide to the 11th fret
and back to the 9th fret. When I get back to it 9 I bend it
a little bit so it goes like It sounds pretty bluesy.

Then what I do is a strum on the 18th fret of the 1st string.
I’ve got a very high root there, E flat. I do a strange thing.
I use my 1st finger to mute all the strings except the 1st string
that I’m playing with my 4th finger. So it sounds like this. It
goes You have to try to mute all the harmonics. It shouldn’t
sound very loud. I mute it with my right hand, so it sounds like
That sounds like [unintelligible- 04:06] there. Then I play the
20th fret. Now it goes from the 20th to the 21st and gets to the
minor 3rd. Then just slide back to the [unintelligible- 04:28].

Okay, so that’s it. That’s the lick. I hope you liked it.
I hope you can practice that and find other cool ideas from
there. Remember that you can get the tabs of this lick and
many other things, many other cool things, by clicking on the
video description below and visiting
Thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in the
next video. Bye-bye.

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