Easy Acoustic Blues Guitar Lick in B minor

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here from guitarcontrol.com.
I want to give you another Easy Acoustic Blues Guitar Lick
in B minor today.

We’ll just take that lick right there. This will be a
real quick lesson. It’s a very noodley kind of lick
but we’re basically in the 2nd pentatonic position
of the B scale. So we’re up here. We’re just going
to go up four notes, 9th fret on the D string to 12th
fret, 9th, 11th and then we’ll do this little triplet
hammer-on/pull-off. Then we’ll just go down four notes
starting here on the G string 9th fret and flatten-out
our pinkie. Here’s the 12th fret A string and then D
string. You can add some vibrato at the end.

If you’re not familiar with pentatonics check-out my
beginner lead guitar course at guitarcontrol.com/lead
and I’ll catch you next time.


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