Easy Blues Guitar Lesson on Shuffle Riff in E7

Hey, guys this is Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, what I just played was a blues riff that I wrote a long time ago. It was a “Texas blues”, kind of Stevie Ray Vaughan, but I didn’t realize how close it was to “Pride and Joy” until I learned “Pride and Joy” a little bit later.

Easy Blues Shuffle Riff in E7 – Blues Guitar Lesson

Stevie Ray actually goes on the bass notes from E to G sharp, A, B. So he kind of walks up in between. What I’m doing here, is actually not leaving the chord, I’m just using my pinky to hit the G bass notes. So it’s like E and I’m just plucking on the G and B-strings. This could either be an E chord or E7 and then back to the E. Do that little figure. So it’s like C sharp, D. The second time you do it I slide up and then the third time I do it I go C and
then low E and then this. This is an inverted E7 chord.

I was able to come up with this because I studied the chord family. So it’s good to know different progressions on different strings. This is like low E string and then you skip over the A string and just use D, G, B.

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