guitar licks blues

Welcome back! Today I wanna show some great guitar licks blues.
I think blues calls out for at least 3 important guitar techniques, and one of those is Slide. Slide
is such a blues thing to do; blues player will often even buy a tube type of slide to get a specific
type of sound. Well today we are not gonna focusing on the tube slide but on the actual slide
How often do you play 1 lick that runs all across the fretboard? Probably not that often. Well if
you know at least 3 different scale diagrams across the neck, you can use them to compose
one big lick. For the first lick I wanna show I have created a huge run up from the 12th position
to the open, very easy, positions. I have incorporated slide and legatos, as well as as chords at
the ending. Let’s check it out:


It sounds really good right? I would suggest you to first start off by practicing this lick at a very
slow speed. The key here is know exactly where your fingers are going to land even before you
change positions. Also, don’t be afraid to stretch your fingers! If you don’t like using your pinky
finger over the frets, well then don’t! just stretch your ring finger; I do it all the time.
The chords at the end of the lick are pretty simple; the only thing I could tell you is to mute the
strings with the right part of your right hand whenever there is a rest. Alternatively, you could
use hybrid picking to play the chords, using the pick for the lowest note and the middle and ring
finger for the 2 higher notes.
Another very easy blues lick you could try on guitar goes like this::


Since the notes are so long, you could use a vibrato technique. Some people will often play a
very exaggerated version of a vibrato in this situations, bending up and down very fast and
intensively. If you have a whammy bar you could also use it here.
This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
entire database of videos.


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