How to Play Rock Blues Guitar Lick Hendrix Style

Hey guys,

Here´s a cool guitar lick in the style of Jimmy Hendrix!

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What’s happening everybody.
My name is John McClennan and I’m here
with Today, this lick,
we’re looking at sort of a Hendrix move
here and it’s definitely a great rock blues sound.

Playing in the key of E minor.
This is an E minor pentatonic lick
in our oh-so-familiar position, the 12th
fret, which I’m sure a lot of you know
your pentatonic scale here. So this will
be right at home. That sort of thing.

What we’re doing is we’ve got the
15th fret and I bend up with my
2nd finger. And what I do is I grab
the next string and I jump strings.
So it’s like this. It’s tough to do.
So you bend up with your 2nd finger
and then you jump strings to the 3rd
string, come down 15th, 14th, 12th,
14th, 12th and then I slide to 12th,
10th, 12th and then I land here in
the 9th position. So again, I’m getting
out of the 12th fret because a lot of
the lines and things that I like to
play are not just position-based licks,
like I’m playing from a scale. I don’t
think that way.

So there it is in triplets.
There’s Hendrix solos where you’ll
just hear him just ripping that lick
over and over, you know, and jumping
strings. So it’s a cool sound if you
play like… There’s a cool lick.
So it’s just noodling around.

But the point is, being able to jump
strings like that. So be sure to get
the tab for this. Click the link below
and you can see exactly the notes,
note for note, what I’m doing.
But here it is one more time.

Thanks for watching.

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