Johnny Winter – An American Music Legend

Blues guitarist Johnny Winter was born in 1944 along with his brother Edgar Winter. Both the Winter boys showed an early aptitude for music and this gift was nurtured throughout childhood by their parents. Johnny is known for his distinct southern blues-rock type style and he is also somewhat known for his appearance as he and his brother were both born Albinos. Johnny was offered what was at the time on of the largest advances in history ($600,000) by Columbia records after famed blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield invited him on stage to sing and play. His career took off after this but he unfortunately became addicted to heroine. After a long struggle Johnny is now clean and continues to wow audiences across the world with his amazing blues guitar playing.

Johnny Winter

Top 5 Songs

Still Alive and Well

Roll with Me

Bad Girl Blues

Help Me

Hard Way

Top 3 Albums

Johnny Winter And

Saints & Sinners

The Progressive Blues Experiment


Official albums

[edit]Compilation albums (some non-official)

  • The Johnny Winter Story (1969)
  • About Blues (1970)
  • Early Times (1970)
  • Before The Storm (1970)
  • Birds Can’t Row Boats (1988)
  • The Texas Tornado (1992)
  • A Rock n’ Roll Collection (1994)
  • White Hot Blues (1997)
  • Winter Blues (1997)
  • The Return of Johnny Guitar – best of 1984-86 (2000)
  • Deluxe Edition (Alligator) (2001)
  • The Best of Johnny Winter (Sony) (2002)

[edit]Non-official albums

  • Austin, TX also known as The Progressive Blues Experiment (1972)
  • Dervish Blues (live San Bernadino, Ca.) (1975)
  • Whole Lotta Love (1978)
  • Ready for Winter (1981)
  • Still Blues After All These Years/Live In Chicago (1990)
  • A Lone Star Kind of Day (Relix- Roy C. Ames production) (1991)
  • Jack Daniels Kind of Day (1992)
  • White Lightning (1996)
  • Back in Beaumont (2000)

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