Learning Blues Guitar From Courses With Free Sample Videos Online

So if you are looking into learning blues guitar you’re not alone. Blues guitar is one of the most popular styles of guitar being played today. If blues is what you want, you came to the right place. GuitarControl.com has some of the top rated blues instructional courses on the web and also has a great YouTube channel filled with many free blues lessons.

Let’s take a look at some of the blues courses GuitarControl.com has to offer. “How To Play Smokin Blues” with Claude Johnson is a great place to start if the blues are new to you. This course covers it all and will have you playing some killer blues in record time.

How To Play Smokin Blues DVD Course

“Blues Power” with Jon MacLennan is a great course that can help you unlock the secrets of some of the greatest blues players of all time.

Blues Power DVD Course

Who else is better to teach you the blues than Guitar Centers King of the Blues himself, Jonathan “Boogie” Long. Jonathan’s course “Boogie Blues Magic” covers many different styles of blues such as; slow blues, Memphis blues, Texas blues and funk blues just to name a few.

Boogie Blues Magic DVD Course

This is just a look at three of many more courses available on the blues from GuitarControl.com. Be sure to check out the other courses as well.

Additional Courses

GuitarControl.com has a great YouTube channel that not only has samples from the DVD courses, but also has some great free lessons with free guitar tabs to go with them. Lets look at some of the great free video lessons on the channel.

Here is a cool blues lick in B minor from Gaby Soule

Blues Lick in B minor Video Lesson

Here is an A7 blues lick from instructor George Marios.

A7 Blues Lick Video Lesson

How about some acoustic blues? Here is instructor Claude Johnson with a little acoustic blues shuffle lesson.

Acoustic Blues Shuffle Lesson

That is just a small sample of what’s available on the channel. Be sure to check out the channel and subscribe so you don’t miss any of the lessons.

GuitarControl.com YouTube Channel

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