How to Do The Modern Sounding Blues Lick On Lead Guitar

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Here´s a cool blues guitar lick!

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Hey, how’s it going everybody.
My name is John McClennan and I’m here
with, bringing you
this lesson. And what we’re looking at
today is modern-sounding guitar lines.

This lick begins off of C.
It’s in the key of C minor and I’m
thinking about a C minor barre chord
here at the 8th fret. And be sure to
click the link below for the tabs so
you can follow along with this, a
little bit more of an advanced line.

It begins with a staple in rock music,
something that you hear all the time,
which is this lick. Just a typical rock
lick. Guys will play this. Just one of
those classic root riffs we’ve all heard
a million times.

What I like to do is mix it up a little
bit and get almost maybe more of like a
jazz element in there, which would be
using the minor 9. So that’s 11th,
pulling-off to 8th and then the 10th.
And then I jump positions, going down to
the 6th fret, sliding back with a real
nice half-step bend there, on the end
just adding the minor 9th now down below.

Here’s the whole lick slowly.
So you can move that around.
It’s a good idea to practice all of
these licks in as many keys as you can.
Here it is in E. You wan to have access
to the lick in any key. Back in C minor
one more time.

All right, my name is John McClennan and
be sure to click the link for the tab and
we’ll see you in the next lessons.
Thanks for watching.

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