Robin Trower – English Rock Guitarist

Blues guitarist Robin Trower was born on March 9th of 1945 in Catford, South East London, England. He achieved early success as a guitarist for the rock group Procol Harum in the 1960s. He played for Procol Harum from 1967 until 1972.

In 1973 Trower formed and became the band leader for the power trio known as The Robin Trower Band. Out of all of Trower’s records probably the most famous and influential is his classic 1974 album Bridge of Sighs. This is a record that would be considered essential listening by many blues and rock guitarists.

Trower’s fiery and loose style was reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix who was an obvious influence. Blues guitarist Trower played with a passion and intensity that let you know he was committed to every note.

In the early 1980s Trower joined forces with Jack Bruce (the former bass guitarist for Cream) for the two albums BLT and Truce.

Trower has continued to record and play and even did a concert in Germany on his 60th birthday. This concert was recorded and subsequently released on DVD and then CD and is titled Living Out Of Time: Live.

In 2007 Trower released Seven Moons which was his third album with Jack Bruce. This recording also featured Gary Husband on drums.

Top five Robin Trower songs:

1) Day of the Eagle
2) Too Rolling Stoned
3) Bridge of Sighs
4) Daydream
5) I Can’t Wait Much Longer

Top three Robin Trower albums:

1) Bridge of Sighs
2) Twice Removed From Yesterday
3) Robin Trower Live


With Procol Harum

* 1967 Procol Harum
* 1968 Shine on Brightly
* 1969 A Salty Dog
* 1970 Ain’t Nothin’ to Get Excited About (members of Procol Harum, as Liquorice John Death)
* 1970 Home
* 1971 Broken Barricades
* 1991 The Prodigal Stranger
* 1995 The Long Goodbye

With Robin Trower Band

* 1973 Twice Removed from Yesterday —– Certified Gold by RIAA
* 1974 Bridge of Sighs —– Certified Gold by RIAA[1]
* 1975 For Earth Below —– Certified Gold by RIAA
* 1976 Robin Trower Live
* 1976 Long Misty Days —– Certified Gold by RIAA
* 1977 In City Dreams —– Certified Gold by RIAA
* 1978 Caravan to Midnight
* 1979 Victims of the Fury
* 1983 Back It Up
* 1985 Beyond the Mist
* 1987 Passion
* 1988 Take What You Need
* 1990 In the Line of Fire
* 1994 20th Century Blues
* 1995 Live in Concert
* 1996 In Concert
* 1997 Someday Blues
* 1999 This Was Now ’74-’98
* 2000 Go My Way
* 2004 Living Out of Time
* 2005 Living Out Of Time: Live (Note: Also available on DVD)
* 2005 Another Days Blues
* 2008 [email protected]
* 2009 What Lies Beneath

With Bryan Ferry Band

* 1993 Taxi (Bryan Ferry Band)
* 2000 Mamouna (Ferry)
* 2007 Dylanesque (Bryan Ferry Band)

With Jack Bruce

* 1981 B.L.T.
* 1982 Truce
* 1989 No Stopping Anytime (compilation)
* 2008 Seven Moons

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