How to Play Classic Blues Guitar Lick S.R. Vaughan Style

Hey guys,

Here´s a cool guitar lick in the style of the great SRV!

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How’s it going everyone.
My name is John McClennan and here with, bringing you this lesson.
And here we’re looking at another classic
Stevie Ray Vaughan lick, who is just a
monster guitar player. We’re looking at a
lick in the key of C. He’s playing over a C blues.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to start —
you can pre-bend the 10th fret on the 3rd string
and you go… You just bring that down, just
slowly releasing it. And then you descend like this:
one-and… So what this is going to be is 10th fret
to the 8th fret; same on the next string. And then
here we’re going to get this chromatic; hammer-pull;
pinkie on the 11th, 8th, 11th. And then we slide up.
And you resolve there to the tonic, note C.

One of the things that you’ll notice, one of the
devices that is being employed here is the blues
scale, which is basically… Adding that one note
from your basic pentatonic scale.

And then another typical blues thing is…

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