How To Play A Blues Guitar Intro Using The Dominant 9th Chords T Bone Walker Style

Hey, how’s it going this is Jon McLennan with Guitar Control, we’re looking at a blues guitar lesson in the style of T-bone Walker and one of the things I love about a lot of his guitar Intros is they use just a lot of sliding dominant 9th chords.

T Bone Walker – Cool Blues Intro with Dominant 9th Chords


We’re playing with blues in the key of A flat and starts up on an E9 chord and then you reach the pinky up to get the make it a 13th chord and then you just arpeggiate down each string then you move the whole chord down a half step to E flat night back up of course the Augmented chord you know and that’s a staple in you know T-bone Walker’s guitar intros whether it’s stormy Monday or tell me what’s the reason got just that cool augmented sound and then he goes and this is a great blues riff you should know it’s based off the A flat chord.

We play the root, I just flattened my finger down my third finger needs to know it’s on a 2nd and 3rd straight you hammer from the 4th fret double stops a hammer with my second finger on the 3rd string and goes up to the fifth fret that’s giving me just basically in a flat try out there so just kind of dancing around notes of this a flat triad almost sounds like Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters you know it’s just a real roots blues lick so let’s see if we can try the whole thing together here we go one, two, three, four. Be sure to click the link below for the tabs and make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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