Chord Mastery 4.0 is ready!

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Chord Mastery 4.0 is here.

9 amazing modules in all… a TON of great info.
and it’s just $1 for a short time.

Here’s 10 reasons why you DEFINITELY
want to grab it immediately:

1. you can play hundreds of new songs
when you learn a few new cool chords.

2. You can get inspired and
create your own song.

3. You can play old classics and
infuse a new flavor with these
kiiller new chords.

4. You’ll learn chordal techniques
from legendary guitarists like
Steve Vai and Jimi Hendrix.

5. You’ll get some new cool videos
from the San Francisco Pro, Jimmy

6. You’ll get 9 modules overall,
enough cool stuff to keep your
brain entertained anytime it rains.

7. It feels great to discover
new things on the guitar.

8. You’ll get instant access
to videos and charts, so you
can start having fun right away.

9. I’ll also give you some
speical insider dealios that
you won’t see anywhere else.

10. It’s only $1, so you have
nothing to lose.