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VIRTUWUL: Hey, Claude. How’s it going, man?

CLAUDE: Hey, it’s going awesome. How are you, Virtuwul?

VIRTUWUL: I’m great. So you’ve got a lot of stuff cooking
and one of them is Chord Mastery 3.0 and first of all, let’s
start with the big question if people haven’t been with us
for a couple years, give us the story. What is Chord Mastery
and why is it 3.0?

CLAUDE: Sure. So Chord Mastery was a package that I came out
with a couple of years ago and initially I just wanted to
create like a collection of all different kinds of chords.
We all know our major, minor, maybe dominant 7, but I went
real deep and went to like 70 different chord types.
Every chord in the book, not only showing the chords, but
how they fit into like real musical situations and how
to play them.

So I put together an awesome ebook and then I packaged it
with a couple of other ebooks. Then, we came out with
Chord Mastery 2.0. I said how can I build on this? So I
shot this little mini courses on strum patterns and like
the top most popular 20 or 25 strum patterns. And we also
packaged it with some bonus lessons. We had a mini course
from Jimmy Dillon and also from yourself, as you know.
So it was like an expanded newer, better, badder, bolder
Chord Mastery course.

But I thought, okay, where can I go from here? What can
I add to this? And then it came to me, chord styles of
the masters. So in Chord Mastery 3.0 I’m teaching basically
styles from all these guitar masters: AC/CD, Alex Lifeson,
Andy Summers, Brian May, David Gilmour, Eddie Van Halen,
Edge, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, George Lynch, James Hetfield,
Joe Satriani, John Fogerty, and like the list goes on.
Twenty-five guitar masters in all.

VIRTUWUL: That’s great. My next question was going to be
what’s new in 3.0? You covered some of it. Is there anything
else that’s new that you didn’t talk about?

CLAUDE: Just a ton of these guitar masters, just to name a
couple more: Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Mark Knopfler,
Neil Schon, Pete Townshend, Richie Sambora, Richie Blackmore,
Rory Gallagher, Slash, Steve Lukather and Steve Vai.

In addition to that, we’re including ten bonus lessons from
a mystery guitar instructor. I call this guy The Yoda of
Guitar Playing. Also with this package, anyone who gets it
is going to get a free pass to the Guitar God Club, which
has even more teachers, like dozens of other teachers
covering all the styles: blues, lead, jazz, acoustic.
And of course, thousands of jam tracks, software and
everything else we give away in the Guitar God Club.

VIRTUWUL: And let’s talk about the Guitar God Club a
little bit, because it’s really become a behemoth, an
absolute epic monster of a site. I mean, it’s not one
site; how many sites do you have in there right now?

CLAUDE: Well, it’s going to be — it’s actually going
to be 15 sites because we’re coming out with a new site
called Killer Lessons Corner that’s going to be added,
which features more lessons from this Yoda character
that I was telling you about along with several other
new teachers.

VIRTUWUL: There’s also the Guitar Scales System which,
in my opinion, was and is absolutely revolutionary.
So why don’t we talk about the Guitar Scale System?

CLAUDE: Well, Guitar Scales, it’s all about learning
like guitar scale all over the neck. If you learn one
pattern that’s fine, but to really have true freedom
of the fret board you need to know your scales
everywhere and teachers like Satriani have been saying
this for years. I was trying to figure out what’s the
best way that I can word this. So I came-up with like
six different ways to practice scales and then I put
it into the software, each way of practicing is like
a training mode in the software. Also, it comes with
integrated backing tracks and you can take any of the
like over a thousand backing tracks in the Guitar God
Club and run them through the Guitar Scale System.

VIRTUWUL: I think that’s a big part of what makes it fun.
I mean, listen, practicing guitar scales in thin air, it
sucks. So you need that backing track; you need something
to play off of.

CLAUDE: Yeah, and of course they also get the Tone Tuner
software. So there’s a ton of stuff in the Guitar God Club
and again, you get a free pass to it with the Chord Mastery 3.0.

VIRTUWUL: So let me make sure I get this clear.
First of all it’s only $1 for Guitar Chord Mastery 3.0?

CLAUDE: That’s right, $1. It gets you the complete package.

VIRTUWUL: And there’s no strings attached?

CLAUDE: No strings attached. We do give you a free trial
to the Guitar God Club. Now, if you choose to stay a member,
it does rebill at $19.95 a month, well worth it. But there’s
no obligation…

VIRTUWUL: The deal of the century right there, in my opinion.

CLAUDE: Absolutely. And, I want to emphasize there is
absolutely no obligation. You can get Chord Mastery 3.0 and
you can cancel the Guitar God Club immediately and just enjoy
the first free month, if you want. We’re hoping you try out
the Guitar God Club and we’re hoping you love it, but if you
don’t, hey, that’s fine. If you just want to abuse the system
and get your first free month, hey.

VIRTUWUL: All the power to you, right?

CLAUDE: That’s right.

VIRTUWUL: So this is basically a shameless bribe and there’s
nothing wrong with that, right? Everybody loves a good,
shameless bribe. It’s a legal bribe, nothing shady about it
because you’re letting people know what’s going on.

Now, again, I’ve just got to make sure you’re saying this
correctly. People can pay a buck, get Chord Mastery 3.0,
they get 30 days of Guitar God Club, they can cancel the
Guitar God Club; they keep Guitar Chord Mastery 3.0 and
that’s it.

CLAUDE: Yeah, that’s right. You get Chord Mastery 3.0
you get to keep it for life no matter what.

VIRTUWUL: So you’re not going to hunt them down and
chase them in their houses?

CLAUDE: Only if they want me to. For an extra fee.

VIRTUWUL: When can they get their hands on this package?

CLAUDE: It’s coming out this Thursday. Maybe by the
time you’re watching this it’s already available.
Just refresh the blog.

VIRTUWUL: Excellent. Well, thanks a lot, Claude.
Everybody that’s watching this, get your hands on
this package. It’s red-hot, it’s white-hot, it’s
everything that you think of it and more. It’s a
no-brainer; it’s a buck. I mean, come on. You can
go in your couch right now or the seat of your car
and find a buck. So there you go. Thanks a lot, Claude.
I’m looking forward to seeing you inside Chord Mastery 3.0.

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