How to Fix Your Guitar Barre Chord Problems

Guitar Barre Chord tutorial - cure your barre chord problems forever

Hey. I’m Will. Thanks for joining me today, guys. I’ve got
another cool, free guitar lesson video for all you people
out there that are learning guitar online. You’re going to
love this video series because I’ve been just learning from
students coming in the door and that I’ve been teaching on
Skype. If they have background learning online, a lot of them
have developed these bad habits that I’m here to bust with all
the cures to the common mistakes that guitarists make from
learning right here on YouTube. So let’s get to it.

What we’re going to do, I’m going to give you a tip to use
with your left hand, something that’s going to help you with
tough scales, barre chords and just tough grips with your left
hand. I’m going to explain this to you from your point of view.
I’m going to go into Guitar Doctor mode here.

What I’m going to give you guys today is something that’s going
to help you with barre chords, big scales, also power chords and
pretty much anything that you can think of that requires big
stretches when you have to bring your hands all the way over here.
So let’s just do that for a second. Just reach your finger over here.
Now first, get your wrist off your leg. Let’s get in athletic mode here.

Check-out my arm here. I’m getting like the T-Rex movement going
on here. So you’ve got a bit of a T-Rex arm. That’s going to help
you get those barre chords standing up a little straighter. If I
have my hand like this – and by the way, I go into barre chords
in one of my other videos, so make sure to check that one out.
As soon as my wrist gets in this 90-degree position it is immediately
– see how all my fingers, just stand up nice and straight?
Then I get a nice, clean-sounding chord.

Same thing with big scales. If we grab the first six notes of a
major scale, there are a couple of different ways you can play this.
I’ll show you through the 3rd fret, 5th fret, 7th fret and 3rd
fret, 5th fret, 7th fret, up another string. The only way you’re
going to be able to reach those three strings and be able to hold
them is, again, with that 90-degree point on your wrist.

A great song to put this to work on would be “S.O.S.” by the Police.
I’m sure you can find a tab for that somewhere. I actually go through
tab reading in another one of my videos, so check that out.

Again, check-out my wrist, always at a 90 degree angle to that
whole riff, power chords. In case you didn’t know what a power
chord looks like, that would be an A5 chord. You’re on the 5th

Again, I’ve got my wrist, maybe not as much on a 90-degree
angle as the other examples, but still, I still have that wrist
reaching up and around so I can reach the low strings. These
strings no so much. When you get up here, I got my wrist pretty
straight. But when you’re reaching around and trying to get big
grips going on, this 90 degree wrist angle is going to help you

I hope you liked this video and I’ve got videos like this
out all ready and I’ve got more coming up. Okay?
So keep on ripping it up.

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