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Hey, peeps, it’s CMC here again, bringin’ you more info and
tips to help you get inspired to LEARN GUITAR CHORDS.

In previous articles, I wrote about the importance of holding
the guitar correctly, of making sure you have a good grip on
the fret board. And it bears repeating again: Over and over,
I’ve seen beginners getting frustrated or even quitting
because it was “so hard” when what was really going on was
that they weren’t really placing their hands on the fret
board properly. They weren’t stretching their hand AROUND the
neck, to the FRONT- the fret board. So many newbies get the
wrong impression that somehow the HAND (as in palm) should be
on the BACK of the neck, while their fingers stretch around
to the front and actually play. Nothing could be further
from the truth. If your PALM is resting on the back of the
neck, (face palm) it’s going to be a lot harder to become an
effective guitarist.

While there are exceptions to every rule and there might be
some players out there who break this rule, in general,
making sure that your hand is stretched AROUND to the FRONT
of the neck, is a really simple but critical and often overlooked
key to good playing. And this is also a matter of good
habits. Get in good habits right off from the start. The
longer you use bad habits, the harder it will be to break

SO-now that we are 100% clear on that, what’s next? Well, I’d
say finding some basic guitar chord charts is next. Or if
you’re like so many of us rebels, you don’t even want to
think about charts or paper when it comes to guitar playing.
You just want to go for it, just DO IT. If that’s your case,
hey, just look around here (we’ve got plenty of stuff to
start you out and for advanced players) or find a friend or a
friendly YouTube video. There’s no shortage these days, of
places to start to LEARN GUITAR CHORDS. Start with at least
three basic chords: I’d recommend A, D and G. Is there
science and theory to this? No, not really; I’d guess though,
that these three are the most utilized chords on the planet
and they are EASY to learn. A is the most basic, simple
alignment on a fret board and aptly named- a great starting
point, a good way to learn guitar chords. Once you’ve tried
these, move on to a little more complexity as shown in the


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